itching to spend

am I the only one…

…who sometimes gets the urge to spend sometimes? On anything. Anything big. I try so hard to be frugal (ish) and I militantly keep track of our finances, but lately (like for the past several months) I just want to blow the wad on a big purchase. I think it’s because the summer is in full effect and I’m in desperate need of a vacation and so I’m back on the camping bandwagon. I’ve wanted a teardrop trailer or (ooooh) a little Airstream for years. Like my entire adult life. The idea of taking off during the weekends and relaxing at a campground is back in my head again. It sounds so dreamy.

but then again…

…I love my city. And I work long hours during the week (and let’s face it, many weekends, too). So I know that owning a trailer would make me feel like we’d be obliged to leave time most weekends of the summer to get our money’s worth out it. And the idea of getting on the highway with the rest of the cottage traffic sounds horrible. Do I overthink things or what?

Maybe I should just splurge on a new iPhone.

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