I’m thinking about deadlines lately. Not the kind related to tasks and projects at work, but the personal kind. The kind you set for yourself to hold yourself accountable to something or to help make a decision.

in limbo

I’m in a huge work transition right now and I’m trying to figure out what’s next for me. I feel a huge sense of uncertainty and risk, which I feel might be especially disconcerting to me because I’m such a planner. When I was studying for my accounting designation, I planned out my course work in detail through completion. My financial budget goes out for five years. My personal calendar is filled with recurring tasks and appointments to keep me productive. Not knowing what’s in store for me is, well, driving me a little bonkers.

setting a timeframe

I’m finding that what’s helping me is looking at time in chunks right now. I have a loose idea of my work situation for the next six months. I’m finding it hard to plan for a time after that partially because I’m busy and partially because it’s a scary unknown. It could be status quo or I could have a choice to make or I could be faced with doing something completely different. I’ve decided that I need a break from the worry. And to do this, I’m going to set a deadline for when I’m allowed to start to think about the future. For now, I’ll focus on the present work requirements. In three months, when hopefully things are a little more clear, I’ll start to plan for my work life after this transition. Three months after that, I’ll feel prepared (hopefully).

I think that setting these deadlines for myself will help me to stop feeling a sense of worry and dread right now, when there’s nothing I can do while things are so uncertain. I think it will also help me get the work done that’s required of me so that I’m not so distracted. And setting a deadline for when I will start to get serious about planning my future indulges my need to have a plan, even though right now it’s just a plan to start planning. I might be slightly neurotic, but this gives me peace of mind.

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