I’m not sure if it’s because after traveling for work every week for nearly a year I have a renewed appreciation for home, but I’m finding myself taking joy in cleaning, purging, decorating, and general puttering around my house. I’m even going so far as to start watching YouTube videos and reading books about housekeeping for fun.

It’s not a huge departure from my personality; I’m generally a pretty clean and tidy person. I hate clutter and I think I’m on the minimalist side of the spectrum. But what I’m not great at is taking the time to take care of the hidden dirt. Like cleaning out the inside of the dishwasher, behind the armoire, the junk drawer.

There’s nothing like the feeling of a few hours of hard work doing some good old fashioned cleaning and purging, and taking pride in your home. And I’m so grateful to be home more to be able to feather my nest!

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