getting stuff

Yesterday was Chris’s last full day here to help me get set up. Our to-do list was long.

But first…my inaugural coffee in my new place.

That view though!

The first errand on the agenda was to pick up my car. I had to use some French to communicate with the security guard at work to get the keys and I remembered the words for “car” and “key” so that was great. The car is a Ford Escape and while I’m not a huge fan of driving a branded car, my only real complaint is the dial button gearshift. Ford, really? Otherwise, the car is very nice to drive. I think our next car will be a small SUV. Or a more luxurious hatchback (Mini Cooper would be my dream!) Anyway…

Next we got groceries to be the necessities. I wanted to drive out of the downtown core to find a store with parking and we ended up in Westmount. The store was actually pretty small and was missing a lot of things on my list, but a beautiful grocery store is across the street from me and I plan to check it out and get those remaining things on Monday after Chris heads out of town. Even without getting everything in my list, we spent a small fortune and the cupboards and fridge still seem bare!

Next we went to IKEA for some non-food essentials and had to wait in line to get in for about 20 minutes!

At least the weather was nice!

We got almost everything I was looking for (and a few things I wasn’t) and got in and out fairly quickly.

We returned to the apartment to find someone had taken my parking spot, which was annoying but at least it gave me an opportunity to bond with Nour (my building security guard who I didn’t find to be overly friendly that first day). Yay for being friendly!

We dropped off the goods and then headed out on foot for one last batch of errands. First we went to The Source to get an Apple TV. I was disappointed to find that the TVs in my apartment aren’t smart and so without the Apple TV I couldn’t watch the only things I use a TV for: YouTube, Peloton classes, and Netflix. I also wanted to hit Nota Bene for a classy notebook and pen for my new job (putting the right foot forward and excuses to buy stationery and all that).

We got back to the apartment around 5. Chris got to work setting up the Apple TV and running extension cords. I unpacked and organized the IKEA goodies which involved taking off many irritatingly stubborn stickers and washing dishes. But I’m feeling much happier now that all my things are contained versus piled loose in the bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Finally, it was time to eat and rest. We ordered poutine (bien sûr!), I took a bath (my tub makes me want to cry with appreciation), and then cuddled on the couch before I called it a day and went to bed early again.

on books: always buying, never reading them all

When we moved to our current home three years ago, we moved from a large (ish) house to a much smaller one and it necessitated a lot of purging of our possessions. Before the downsizing project, I knew that I had a – shall we say – book problem, but it really came to light when I faced the possibility of having to move them. The extra bedroom in our old house had really become a library, rather than a guest room, with piles of books everywhere. This is in addition to all the books on the proper bookshelves in my den and the teetering stack on my nightstand that threatened to fall over and kill me in my sleep every night. The guest room / library was overflow.

I had to face the fact that I had no place to store them in my new house and I went through the process of sorting. The categories were:

  1. Books that I had read and wanted to keep because I would probably refer to them or re-read them.
  2. Books that I had read but could bear to give away.
  3. Sentimental books – mostly old relics that belonged to either myself as a child or my parents. I kept these as well. Most of them I had read, though not all.
  4. Books that I had bought and never read.

I was pretty shocked to find that the fourth category was by far the largest. So large that I had to sort that pile again, into a) books that I would defintely make an effort to read one day, and b) books that I knew I would never read. After some ruthless sorting, I realized that category 4(b) now contained the most books. I went about setting up a Facebook list to give them away and donated the rest.

But … how did this happen? I had purchased all of these books throughout the years (brand new, I might add) with the intention of reading them. Was I drawn in by a compelling cover? Did the title sound exactly like something that I needed to read at that time? Was it recommended to me by a friend? Was it a “staff pick” at my local bookstore? Was it retail therapy? Was it an attempt to tip the scales towards life in my quest for “work-life balance” (I kinda sorta hate this term, by the way).

In my new little house, I’ve embraced my minimalism and for the most part and I don’t buy nearly as many (physical) books as I used to. I borrow a lot of books from the library (and oh, by the way, I don’t read most of those either). I buy/borrow a lot of audiobooks and I do read (listen to) those with regularity (yay!). I just can’t seem to stomach ebooks, no matter how logical they seem to be, so don’t even go there. When I do buy a physical book, I try to give it away as soon as I’ve read it, unless it turns out to be a category 1 book, in which case it gets coveted spot on my limited bookshelf space. I’ve been pretty disciplined, I would say.

Until recently, that is.

In recent weeks, I’ve bought a lot of books. By “a lot” I mean about 10, but the quantity isn’t as important as the fact that I suddenly have a backlog of books to read. In other words, I didn’t buy a book, read it, then buy another book. I have a pile on my nightstand again!

And thanks to Facebook memories, I saw that I posted about this exact phenomenon four years ago:

I’m super busy at work right now which often leads to retail therapy. Usually I buy books (cheaper than shoes and electronics and doesn’t involve trying on clothes). But then I don’t have time to read all the books that I’ve bought because I’m working too much. Which bums me out and leads me to buy more books to make myself feel better. It’s a vicious cycle, people.

I’ve decided that maybe it’s an Autumn thing. The back-to-school vibe. The desire to cozy up with a book under a blanket.

No matter what, I’m going to read these books! I’ve already finished the first one: “Money Diaries” by Lindsey Stanberry and I’m about to start “Bleaker House” by Nell Stevens.

I’ll keep you posted!